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TriNorth &ndash A Communications Agency

24 June, 2013

The Nightwatchman Rides Again

June 2013 saw the arrival of the second issue of The Nightwatchman, the Wisden Cricket Quarterly, showcasing the very best of cricket writing from around the world, all run out of TriNorth’s offices.

Available from the www.thenightwatchman.net in print and digital formats, The Nightwatchman aims to provide writers with a platform to write essays where word count is not a primary factor, an opportunity that rarely exists either online or in magazines. We’re very proud of it but don’t take our word for it being any good, have a look at what these nice folk are saying: 

“The Nightwatchman is a triumph. Left-field, laugh-out-loud funny and highly intelligent. A gem.“ Ed Smith

“Refreshing and original. It looks beautiful and contains great writing about the greatest of games.” Sir Tim Rice.

The Nightwatchman is available in print and digitally – visit www.thenightwatchman.net to order a copy or subscribe for the year. No pressure, but it does make a perfect present.